Glory to the Mountains Chapbook

Glory to the Mountains is a collection of essays by NYC artist-activists working in the movement to end mountaintop removal. Contributors include filmmaker David Novack, Reverend Billy Talen, musician Annalyse McCoy and art educator Laura Scheinkopf. Profits will go toward a fund for artists working on pieces that deal with mountaintop removal.


 I choose to harness the music of my mountains, in many ways the backbone of our culture, and to give back. It is my contribution to try, by and by, to repair this Circle which for so long remained unbroken. -- Annalyse McCoy, "Listening"


I’ve been walking with the people of Paradise. They live in West Virginia, in the verdant hollows that rise above those fossilized layers of Eden. They love their culture, one that is in balance with the land, blossoming with the fruits of the earth. Yet all around them, Paradise is unearthed. As our nation thirsts for energy, we have come to exploit Appalachia for every ounce of Eden we can get our hands on.

-- David Novack, "Renewing Paradise"


The movement to stop MTR and strip mining is a beautiful example of resistance to the destruction of the places and creatures we love on this great Earth. I feel grateful to be a ripple in our growing, positive tide of change.

.-- Laura Sheinkopf, "In the Tide"


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