Larry Gibson: An Appalachian Hero, and Great Friend

We were terribly saddened to hear the news of Larry's passing away Sunday night. The mountains have lost a heroic defender, and we must say farewell to a great friend in the struggle.


However, we also want to celebrate Larry's life and legacy, which we know is what he would want. And to allow his spirit to spur us on to climb to greater heights in the battle for not just Appalachia's future, but America's as well.


Please add your comments and remembrances....

Sue Rosenberg's Video of Larry

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    Sue Rosenberg (Thursday, 13 September 2012 19:23)

    Sunday evening I heard the news that Larry Gibson,a great man - a great hero- a great leader of the movement to protect the mountains of Appalachia had passed away.

    He died working on the land on Kayford
    Mountain - the place he loved and fought for.

    Across Appalachia, across this country, in South America and across the world there is a sense of shock and mourning. Thousands of tears are being shed.

    Larry spent the last 25 years fighting with every fiber of his body and soul against mountaintop removal, against the rape of Appalachia and for justice.

    He inspired many thousands of people to step up and act for justice and for the earth.

    Whenever I meet people who are involved in this movement in any way and I ask "how did you get involved?", to a person the response is always, "well I met Larry Gibson, I went to Kayford Mountain and my life was changed. I knew I had to do something".

    I am one of those people. Four years ago, shortly after my son moved to WV to work against mountaintop removal mining(after meeting Larry and spending time with him on Kayford), I too met Larry and went up to Kayford Mt. I saw the mountains being blasted away, I saw the massive destruction and I understood my son's move and knew I had to find some way to support this fight.

    Larry insisted that if you know what is going on, you must do something! Larry touched and effected thousands of lives. So many loved Larry and were
    inspired by him. Lots of broken hearts today.

    When we loose our heroes, our leaders, those who inspire and those who push us...we can't help but re double our efforts to carry on. The fight against MTR and the fight against Fracking are sister struggles and I know that thousands will carry on.

    This is some video I shot at the Blair Mt. March
    Larry Gibson on perseverance, speaking at a rough patch on the march to blair. At this rough patch in the movement, we need to consider his words

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    Paul Ciavarri (Monday, 10 September 2012 22:00)

    I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to meet Larry, and then watch him inspire us all - especially during his arrest at Appalachia Rising DC in 2010. That really brought our every cheer and holler in our bones that afternoon.

    Larry's example of bringing people together, and then challenging us to act for the mountains will continue to inspire, though he will be sorely missed!