New York Loves Mountains opposes the destruction of mountains for electricity and supports the shift to conservation and renewable energy sources. We are devoted to helping break New York's connection to mountaintop removal coal mining and encouraging New Yorkers to push for a clean energy future in the Empire State.


We connect the environments of urban New York with rural Appalachia for a cross-pollination that enriches both places and brings home the reality that the bright lights and fast pace of New York City currently depend, in part, on a sacrifice that no community should be asked to make. Please join us in showing that New York loves mountains and refuses to profit from their destruction.

Speaking Truth with Power: A NY Senator Speaks Out

Sen. Brad Hoylman Connects the Dots between Fracking & Mountaintop Removal

March/April 2013

We want to thank New York Senator Brad Hoylman, of Manhattan, for raising his voice and connecting the dots between fracking and mountaintop removal mining.


His March 14, 2013 op-ed in the Villager (Manhattan) not only addresses the assault on human health by hydrofracking, but also gives voice to how his Appalachian roots inform his perspective.


Here are key sections:


From flammable tap water to poisoned farm animals to ravaged rural communities to man-made earthquakes, the impacts of hydrofracking are becoming widely known....


The issue of hydrofracking particularly resonates with me because of my background. I’m originally from West Virginia, a state that permitted energy companies to use untested and unsafe methods to extract coal as an economic development tool.


The results, as many know, have been calamitous. Mountaintop-removal mines in West Virginia and surrounding states have demolished an estimated 1.4 million acres of forested hills, buried roughly 2,000 miles of streams, poisoned drinking water, and literally wiped entire towns from the map.


Parts of New York where hydrofracking would occur, just like West Virginia, are in dire economic circumstances and hydrofracking is seen as a way to address the high unemployment rate. But at what cost to our environment and the health and safety of our water supply in the long run?


For the full Op-Ed:



Watch This: Stream of Conscience!

Our very own Annalyse McCoy brings her art to the fight for Appalachia:

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