"Burning the Future" Aired on PBS in April 2012

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Burning the Future: Coal in America examines the explosive conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia.


Confronted by emerging “clean coal” energy policies, local activists watch a world blind to the devastation caused by coal's extraction. Faced with toxic ground water and the obliteration of 1.4 million acres of mountains, residents launch a valiant fight to arouse the nation's help in protecting their mountains, saving their families, and preserving their way of life.


Includes interview footage with Maria Gunnoe, who won the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize for North America soon after the making of the film.



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500 Mountains Destroyed


Over 2,000 Miles of Stream Buried


$15 million of New York pension money invested in Alpha Natural Resources (was Massey Energy)


100,000 - 150,000 Tons of Mountaintop Removal Coal Imported to NY a Year


Percentage of NY electricity powered by MTR coal: less than .4%


Percentage of NY electricity from wind: .8%


Percentage of NY electricity that could come from wind: 13.1%

 (Energy Figures by Rory Mcllmoil)